Love Persuasion

We are told that nothing shall separate us from God’s love for us. And that is greatly comforting, even inspirational. However, it is difficult to remember this truth and walk in this truth when trials come into our lives. Continue reading

Encounters with Jesus

Guest Articles

Heart Health: Search Me, O God

Other people may discern what we are but their observations and criticisms (even their compliments) carry no power to transform us. So God has ordained that we look into His Word and allow His Spirit to show us our own need and His remedy for character flaws and besetting sins. Continue reading

A Subtle Heresy

Originally posted on Help My Unbelief:
Question:  does God want you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise?  Many Christians would say that yes,…

Don’t be Afraid of THE LIGHT

In The Light, our status is no longer defined by our sinfulness, nor by our self-made goodness; we stand un-condemned, and now we have nothing to fear by being exposed. In fact, The Light reveals what God has done for us! He displays for all to see the wonderful works of redemption and forgiveness He has done in the lives of Believers. Continue reading



The Thorn

I stood a mendicant of God before His royal throne

And begged him for one priceless gift, which I could call my own… Continue reading

Pondering Proverbs

Look in The Word before you Leap in the World

The Bible is available to us and every Believer has the Holy Spirit as a guide. The challenge is whether we will use the tools God has provided us with; or if we will continue to refuse to study His Word. The choice is ours. Will we be simple? Or, will we be prudent? Continue reading

Misery Masked by Mirth

The heart of man was made by God and for God. Therefore, lasting joy can be found nowhere else: real joy is only found in the heart yielded to God. Without, God there is only sorrow covered with laughter and heaviness (depression) covered with mirth. Continue reading

Sin is a Health Hazard

Spiritual health is critical to our physical well-being. Therefore, it is important that we allow God to govern our hearts and that we protect what enters our hearts. Scripture tells us to put our hope/trust in God, not in man (Psalm 118:9, 146:3). Continue reading

Happiness is Mercy’s Child

…to the poor, to the weak the downtrodden, to the single mother with too many children, to the homeless man on the corner, our ATTITUDE should always be one of MERCY; not indifference, not judgment, not anger, but MERCY. Continue reading

Reflections in Genesis

Redemption (Part 4): Knowledge [of God] is Power!

We CAN overcome sin by continually submitting our will to God’s authority, by studying, memorizing and frequently contemplating God’s Word, so that it can transform us by replacing our human desires with Godly desires. Then God’s will and God’s plan will consummate in us to produce righteousness to the Glory of God. Continue reading

Redemption (Part 3): Disobedience Disables.

If we are ever to live victorious Christian lives, we must first seriously seek to live obedient sacrificial lives. It’s not more ‘churching’, it’s not louder singing, it’s not even better preaching that’s going to transform us. We will be transformed when we “offer ourselves as living sacrifices” to God: when we sacrifice our will to live in obedience to God’s will. Continue reading

Reflections in Habakkuk

Let’s Stay Together

…when Believers stay together, pray together, gather together and work together then Believers will thrive, remain strong and deliver right judgment (God’s message of redemption through Jesus). Continue reading

LORD, Why won’t You Answer Me??!!

It might seem that God isn’t answering our prayers, but that does not mean we should give up and it does not mean we should look for help anywhere else. Eventually, God will answer. He might not answer in the way we expect, and the time may seem long from our human perspective. But He WILL answer. Continue reading

Burdened for the Brethren

It is not enough to bring just our burdens to God in prayer, we must also bring the burdens of our brothers/sisters, our community, our neighborhood, to Him. It is not enough to take care of just our own (selves/families), we must also tend to the burdens of others. Continue reading

Reflections in Jeremiah

Making God Disappear

…when deciding to sin we must take God out of the picture, we must assume even just for that moment that God is not “at hand”, that God is “afar off”. We make ourselves believe that somehow, while sinning we are hidden from Him, that He cannot see us. Continue reading

Accept God’s Love = Expect God’s Correction

His children had behaved badly for many years, despite many warnings, and it was time for them to “experience” Fatherly correction. But the correction was not without purpose, it was not borne of anger. Rather, as a good father, the correction that God was about to inflict was meant to help them change from doing evil to doing good: God wanted them to become the best children they could be. Continue reading

Look Up & Step Out!

Our weakness and fears will not stop God from calling us to serve Him. Our weaknesses don’t matter, because God is sending us out in His unfailing strength. And, our fears are of no concern, because He has given us all we need to triumph over the adversities we will face. The only thing that does matter is our OBEDIENCE! How will we respond to God’s call? Continue reading

Reflections in Nehemiah

The "FEAR NOT" Series

FEAR NOT: Stand Still

Sometimes we too will face impossible situations, but IF we are walking in the will of God doing the work of God, He WILL make a way for us to come through, to escape. Our challenge in to “stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD”. Continue reading

FEAR NOT: God has a ‘Prison’ Reserved for You too

What if God changes our careers, turns our lives upside-down, inside-out and reassigns us to a dungeon somewhere far away? Would we spend the rest of our days in FEAR and regret, in bitterness and resentment?? Or would we, like Paul, accept our redeployment willingly. Are our lives all about Christ or all about comfort?? Continue reading

The "GIVE THANKS" Series

Mercy Avenue Leads to Thanksgiving Place

Many of us struggle with sin in our lives and with that struggle comes shame and a sense of worthlessness. Eventually, we question whether God will even come near us, whether God could even work through us. Sometimes we get so low, that we pull ourselves away from serving Him, because we feel so unlovable… Continue reading

The Kingdom of God

LIFE in the Kingdom of God

Righteousness gives birth to worship, NOT vice-versa. We don’t accomplish worship by deciding to perform a ritual, whether that is fasting or attending church, or anything else. Rather, it is our relationship with Jesus that gives birth to our worship of Him. Continue reading

Encounters with Jesus: The Rich Young Ruler

Is Salvation valuable enough to give up everything to get it?… For Salvation to come to our lives, it must displace everything from our lives… If Salvation means ANYTHING to us, it must be EVERYTHING to us. How much are you willing to lose just to get Salvation? How much is too much to lose to get Salvation? Continue reading

Thorny Topics

NO Middle-Ground: We LIVE in the LIGHT or DIE in the DARKNESS

Fellowship with God requires a total commitment to exclusivity in the Believer/Disciple/Worshipper. Fellowship with God requires, demands, absolute purity of heart and mind, absolute purity of one’s being. There is no possibility of fellowshipping with God if there is any trace of sin in my heart (my emotions), my mind (my thinking) or my attitude (my approach). Continue reading

See GOD First

To “see” the human being “first” risks the prioritization of the state of man over the design/plan of God. It is to be preoccupied with where someone is rather than where they need to be. Continue reading