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Life from Death: The Promise of Affliction

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It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes. ~Psalm 119:71

Far from being an obstacle to our spiritual growth, pain can be the instrument of it… if we are trained by it.

It can push us closer to God and deeper into His Word. It is a means by which He graciously shapes us into the image of His son: gradually giving us the compassion, contentment, tranquility and courage that we long and pray for. Without pain, we would not be all that God wants us to be. His strength shines brightest through human weakness.

Has God set you apart today to receive instructions through suffering and pain? Endure this training patiently; He can turn trials into blessings. He can use it to draw you close into His heart and into His Word, to teach you the lessons He intends for you to learn, and use it to bestow His grace on you. God is making more of you; something much better than you ever thought possible.

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