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Sun Rising

Contributed by Abby from Fan the Flame.

“…The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” Proverbs 4:18

You are beckoning

Beyond the noise and sheer commotion

of freedom to pick a million useful things.

You are calling

into the weariness that seeks a physical answer

believing it will come.

You are singing

A clear and radiant song so beautiful

and ancient…first song speaking into existence.

And I come

Smooth, cool sand squishing between my toes

Anticipation of a promise that began with the first light.

I wait

Clouds covering first bright glimmer

Excitement growing for what will surely become.

My soul sings

At first just specks of brilliant red and orange hues

Alive, young and powerful they grow stronger.

My heart rejoices

A force so unrelenting pushes forth

Past grayness of night and first affront of cloudy cover.

My life is renewed

As rays break through to combat the shadows of the night

A light whose hands raise high in worship

You are true

Breaking forth in morning glory

Running across shimmering waters to reach me.

You are lovely

A gift so ordinary and yet divine

That ushers in each new day with promise.

You are mine

With gorgeous beauty beheld I remember in wonder

the God of my youth who ever beckons, calls, leads and guides.

by Abby from Fan the Flame.


  1. Thanks so much for re-posting this…I was at a fall retreat for the youth that we work with and it was crazy with the little ones, our little ones, (3 and 1)…and received another gift of an incredible sunrise over the lake so I was thinking about this poem.

    Again thanks! Sorry you couldn’t reply to me:( Now you have my e-mail.

    Blessings…many, many…Abby:)

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