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One Step at a Time…

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“…Blessed be the LORD God… I being in the way, the LORD led me…” ~ Genesis 24:27

When we discover the context of these words of Scripture we realize they are teaching us a principle of how God often works in the lives of His people. It is easier to steer a moving vehicle than one that is stationary. God can sometimes steer us more easily when we are moving. That’s why we will find that one step frequently leads to the next step when we have faith to be led by the Holy Spirit.

The words above were spoken by Abraham’s servant who was commissioned by Abraham to travel to the land of his people to find a wife for Isaac. As he journals the events of his search, he writes that while he was “in the way” the Lord led him he encountered the family of Rebekah. When he met her he knew that his search had ended.

We who are committed followers of Christ were commissioned two thousand years ago to go to all nations and make disciples for Jesus Christ. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Like the servant of Abraham, as we embark on the adventure of obeying our great commission, we should expect that each step will lead to the next step.

We don’t always have to know where the road leads as long as we know it is the right road. While we are “in the way” our Lord has commissioned us to go we must have the faith to take that first step and then, one step at a time, expect our Lord to show us His will about the next step.

Adapted from One Step at a Time… by Dick Woodward.

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    • Hi Nancy;
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Yes this is indeed a good reminder (from Pastor Woodward, i didn’t write this one). Right now I find myself struggling to apply this principle in my own life. Trusting Him in faith, step by step can be quite challenging. It seems it would be sooooo much easier if God would just reveal everything (the whole plan) ahead of time. 🙂
      But then I am reminded of the Hebrews on their journey out of Egypt into Canaan. They knew the plan, they new the goal, they has a pillar of cloud (at day) and a pillar of fire (at night) and they STILL didn’t trust God!!!!!!!!!!! Since, I am not any better than they were, I suspect it is best that i learn to trust Him, step-by-step, day-by-day… (sigh)

      Please keep us in your prayers.

      God bless!!!

  1. I really love the part thats says “We don’t always have to know where the road leads as long as we know it is the right road” He always knows what’s best for us , I am always eager to move ahead of God and I sometimes forget that He leads and I follow. God bless you as He blesses the nations through you, May your lights never grow dim.

    • Hi Isabella;
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. And thanks especially for your blessing/benediction.

      i agree with you whole heartedly: it is so easy to run ahead of God; it is hard to wait patiently sometimes. Thankfully, God is patient and merciful with us and gently pulls us back in line (if we will let Him).

      May God continue to bless you richly as you keep on following Him.

      Keep us in your prayers!!!

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