Diffuse Reflections
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“Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” ~ Romans 15:7

Life is different in the fellowship of Believers.

In the worlds system, people welcome others into their lives based on how pleasing that person is because of their personality; or their appearance; or their education; or their charm; or their class; or their race/culture/nationality; or any other vain rationale.

However, in the body of Christ we receive each other (i.e., we welcome other members) not for our own pleasure, but to please God.

  • To the brother who does not have a great personality, WELCOME!
  • To the sister who has a plain appearance, WELCOME!
  • To the brother who never made it through high school, WELCOME!
  • To the youth who is uncouth, WELCOME!
  • To those of lowly degree, WELCOME!
  • To the one with darker/lighter skin, from this country or another, who sounds so different, WELCOME!

We welcome you, because Christ welcomed us with all our failings, to the Glory of God.

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