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A Mother Explains Heaven to Her Dying Son

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints.” ~ Psalm 116:15

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To Our Ellis

How does a loving mother, explain
Heaven to her dying child?
Please give me the words, O Lord, and
let me say them with a smile…

There is a place called Heaven, Son,
beyond the skies above,
It is the place where GOD is watching,
His Heart so full of Love.

He watches all His children, Son,
He watches you and me,
He wants to know we love Him, and
hopes that we will be…
Always strong and healthy, always
kind and free!

But, sometimes, things do happen, Son,
and sickness takes a hold,
It might be something serious, it
might be just a cold.

GOD sends His special angels,
to watch over us and pray,
And, by our side they linger, they
are never far away.

They lift us up on angels’ wings when
we are all too weak,
And, oh!, they pray so softly, Son,
with gentle whispers do they speak.

So, have no fear, my darling, should
GOD come to take you Home,
For it is up there in that Heaven,
Son, where you will run and laugh
and roam!

You will hear that angel choir rejoice
in praises to the LORD,
And, my darling precious child, you
never will be sick, again…
No, never, anymore!!

But, most of all, you will meet the
King, our Saviour, your Best Friend,
oh my!,
If I could see him take your hand, I
know that I would cry!!

You have fought so long, you gave your
all..GOD says it’s time to rest,
We will always love and miss you, Ellis,
but GOD…He knows what’s best!

© Pamela A. Snow

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Dedicated to the Memory of 7 yr old, Ellis Mayfield, of Simpsonville, SC, who fought a 1 1/2year battle with an inoperable brain tumor. He received the SC Governor’s Outstanding Leadership and Citizenship Award for his unfailing bravery and courage…a little boy who kept laughing and loving… ’til the very end.

Source: Mother Explains Heaven To Her Dying Son, To Our Ellis, Prayer Poem  at Family Friend Poems

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  1. It takes my breath away. Love comes with the pain of loss, but the miracle of faith is hope. What a wonder it is that we can endure the worst, leave our lands, lose our loved ones, and face the greatest unknown, all with the certainty in our heart that every step brings us closer to HOME! Going home, where all who loved each other will come together again. It’s the greatest comfort.
    May all the suffering be comforted and blessed.

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