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My Prayer

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I come, Lord Jesus, bare and done;
My treasures melt before Thy sun.
No gold or silver – only dross;
No gain or glory; all is loss.
Each prize, I realize with despair,
Is less than nothing: empty air
Puffed up with pride and sealed with guilt;
A castle empty I have built,
With walls of mist and moat of nought.
All this with my own effort bought
To blind me from the truth, now clear:
I cannot buy my soul, I fear.
I cannot add one bit to that
Great deed once done for me; in fact
My only part in Calvary
Is nails through holy hands and feet;
A spear that pierced His heaving side;
The thorns that tore; the wine of spite;
The Father’s face turned from His Son
Who bore my fate: the only one
Who could have died there on that day;
The only One; the only Way.
I could not have died that death.
I could not say with dying breath,
“Forgive them, they are not to blame.
I take even this sin, this shame
And die for those who shed my blood
That all may know that God is Love.”

I am the nails, the spear, the thorns;
I am the reason He was torn.
And yet, He came! If I had not
Accepted freedom dearly bought,
He would have died there anyway –
For me – for my deserved shame,
Because He knew I’d never find
The road which, till Himself had died,
There would not – could not! – ever be.
He died for us. He died for me
So that I could one day attempt
To steal His glory? God prevent
Me from my foolishness, well meant:
I knew not what I did. I’m spent
With trying to fulfill what Thou
Hast done and finished – then and now.

I stand here empty, bare and still,
An empty jar for you to fill.
Feet waiting for Your voice to lead,
Hands ready to be Yours in deed.
Let those around me see – not I!
But your sweet presence passing by.
Let my life be that which upon
You’re lifted up, that they be drawn
Unto Your mercy, deep and wide,
To find forgiveness at Your side.
I must diminish; Thou increase.
Bring others to this rest and peace.
Then I’ll have done my part of Thee;
Not on the cross of Calvary,
But as a servant – meek and true,
Reflecting nothing else but You.

by Joelle Heilemann

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