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Light for Life

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“The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.” ~ Psalm 119:130

God’s Word is wonderful in it’s timelessness, purity, accuracy, harmony, universal relevancy, power, and sufficiency. The Bible does indeed give light and understanding, even to the simple. For example, small children can clearly understand John 3:16, and yet that verse is most profound to those the world would call very educated. It is a brilliant light in a very dark world!

Those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior have the indwelling Holy Spirit, which reveals God’s Word to us, when we read and meditate upon it, our understanding is opened and it is very precious to us. It lights our pathway in this life, even when circumstances seem hopeless.

We receive comfort, guidance, and conviction of sin in our lives from the studying of Scripture. We learn what pleases God and what displeases Him.

A child of God simply cannot live their life with any contentment if we are not taking in God’s Word and applying it to our lives regularly. We NEED God’s instruction fed to us through His very words. There just is no substitute for it.

While some Bible commentaries and Bible based websites [including this one] may be good, they are NOT God’s Word, they are man’s interpretation or opinion of God’s Word and should be taken as such.

The world does not view the Bible as anything other than a “good book”, or historical record. They do not yet understand that it is the word of God Himself. We cannot expect them to follow it’s precepts and give God the respect He is due from them for they are still blinded by satan.

Some may however see in our lives an example of Christ and desire for themselves our peace, joy, and love for each other! Oh that we would be good representatives of Jesus to them, instead of stumbling blocks.

Everyone who has claimed Christ as Lord is an example to someone. The question is, what kind of example are we? A sobering thought isn’t it? We have the power to live an obedient life in Christ through the Holy Spirit, but we must choose to do so on a daily basis for His glory.

Thank You Father God for Your Word; help me to spend time at Your feet learning from You through it. I love You so and give You praise this day. Amen!

by Mary Heuss Nelson

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