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Do some good today: GIVE THANKS & SING PRAISES to God!

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“It is a good thing to GIVE THANKS unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High: To shew forth thy lovingkindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night, Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the psaltery; upon the harp with a solemn sound.” ~ Psalm 92:1-3

The Bible often makes what seems hard very simple and straightforward. Would you like to do something good today? If the answer is “yes”, our verse tells us two good things to do:

  1. GIVE THANKS unto the Lord
  2. SING PRAISES unto thy name, O Most High

Our verse also tells us that we can, and should, do these two good things “in the morning” and “every night”. They should be the FIRST things we do when we rise, and the LAST things we do before going to sleep.

In other words, when we rise we “GIVE THANKS” and “SING PRAISES” for the day ahead that God has prepared for us. And when the day is spent we “GIVE THANKS” and “SING PRAISES” for the day God has given us.

When we rise from our beds in the morning, we look forward with hope, knowing that everything the day will bring is already in God’s hands: under His watchful care: That He has already made a way for us, not just to survive, but to thrive, to blossom, and to bear fruit.

Even when the day ahead means coping with a sick child, or paying bills, or sitting in traffic, or taking a tough test, or being diagnosed with cancer, or losing a job, or being betrayed by a friend; God has it covered and has already prescribed the perfect path for us to follow so that we can get through the fires and the floods that many a day can bring.

And so we “GIVE THANKS” and “SING PRAISES” to Him, to The Most High.sunset jump_cropped-1

When we retire to bed at night, we look back on the day with gratitude, knowing that despite our mistakes, despite our missteps, God has taken us through the day. And though the day is finished, God isn’t finished with us yet. We don’t know if we will rise tomorrow, but we do know that we can turn to God in the closing moments of the day and ask for forgiveness for sin.

We can examine how the day went and we can see how our Father, God, guided us through. We know that the floods of the day did not overwhelm us and the fires of the day, though searingly hot, did not burn us up. God has been faithful.

And so we “GIVE THANKS” and “SING PRAISES” to Him, to our Lord and Saviour.

And we do so “with a solemn sound”, because we know that life is sometimes a challenge, sometimes hard and complex, difficult to understand or explain. “How does a mother bury her fourth child?” “How does a father go home without a job to return to and with bills to pay?” But we know God IS good. We know He has made a way for us. We know that even when we are faithless, He IS faithful.

And so we “GIVE THANKS” and “SING PRAISES” to Him, to our Strong Tower… we “GIVE THANKS” and “SING PRAISES” even “with a solemn sound”.


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