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Practical Parenting

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For many years my husband and I were counselors at a Bible Camp for teenagers each summer. I had about 14 or 15 girls in my cabin that ranged in ages from 14-17. My husband had boys in his cabin in the same age range.lake

At some point during the week we were to have one on one counseling sessions with each teen, a time to encourage them to share any concerns they were having and of course to make sure they understood the gospel of Jesus Christ. We did this for 12 years and as you can imagine we heard many, many different accounts of their lives and lifestyles. Some came from Christian homes and some did not.

When I look back and review the number one complaint that these girls shared it would have to be that their parents took them to church, told them to obey the Bible, yet their parents did not obey God themselves in their personal lives.

We cannot expect our children to grow up and follow Christ if we as parents do not follow Christ! Our kids are with us for 18 years 24/7, they see us at our worst and our best. They see us when no one else is around to impress with our “godly” behavior. Our children know, probably more than anyone just how much we love and follow Jesus.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~ Proverbs 22:6

Clearly we will all make mistakes as parents for we are human, but our hearts should have a purpose to make choices each day that are in line with God’s Word. There should be an overall desire to bring honor and glory to Christ in our lives. When we do this we are indeed training our children to follow Christ for that will bring them great success in the matters of life that are of eternal value!

So let me just encourage all parents to be diligent in your walk for Christ. God has entrusted you with your children to love, nurture, and provide for. It is a great responsibility and a tremendous privilege that we have been given. Lord help us to be wise parents by pointing them to Christ by word and deed!

by Mary Heuss Nelson

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