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Cradle, Cross & Crown

Jesus written in Graffiti style

A poem by John Janzen © 2014

His glory Crown was laid aside
As babe, He came to Earth
While shepherds watched their flocks by night
Mankind to God gave birth

Creator takes creation’s place
Both fully God and man
Made weak enough to suffer death
And thus fulfill His plan

He grew in favour with all men
In Spirit He grew strong
In service showing that He knew
His mission all along

He taught us truth, forgiveness, grace
He taught how gain was loss
Then demonstrated selfless love
By dying on the cross

He satisfied the wrath of God
He washed the guilt stained hand
As with his wounds, we may be healed
If we by faith will stand

And now secure in what God wrought
In hope of glory, rest
The crown upon the saints above
Is proof that they are blessed

This blessed hope in Christ revealed
Obtained but through His worth
In cradle first, then cross and crown
God’s gift to us – new birth

by John Janzen © 2014

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