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A poem by Rob Dilworth © 2019

Please take my heart as anger pours
From all the wounds this life ignores
And heal the hurt for I am yours.

Much like the chill of winter’s cold,
My mind is numb from bitter’s hold,
So may I now your love behold.

My story vengeance yearns to tell.
Instead, let waves of mercy swell
And peace to fill my tattered sail.

Don’t let me dwell on settled scores
As I recall the painful wars
For through surrender I am yours.

So take the sum of all the wrongs,
Replace them with your mercy songs
For in my heart your love belongs.

Regardless if we’ve lost or won
We all will stand before your Son
And answer for the deeds we’ve done.

We pray that as our Lord explores
Our dreadful sins, your mercy pours
And covers us for we are yours.

by Rob Dilworth © 2019

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