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A Word on Judging

Carnal Christians are not good at making judgments because self/flesh-centered biases, like beams in their eyes, make it impossible to see clearly. However, those that “are spiritual”, those that are mature in Christ, have the light of God coming into their “eyes” and they can see what needs to be done.

Measuring Up.

To measure up, we must exercise all the faith God has given us. If you have been given the faith to move mountains, then move them around… If you have the faith to sweep the church, don’t settle for sweeping a pew. If you have the faith to witness to many, don’t settle for telling a few… God expects us to… attain our full faith potential.

Comment: Fruit Finding vs. Branch Burning

We should judge (inspect fruit) to preserve and protect the church. This is of crucial importance today, because of the plethora of false teachers. We must equip ourselves through study of the Word of God to discern the truth so that we ourselves are not lead astray AND so that we can help others to stay in line with God. We judge (inspect fruit) therefore, not out of self-righteousness, but out of Humility (by using God’s scales not ours) and Love (we bear each other’s burdens).