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Fingerprints of False Teachers and False Doctrines

False teachers/doctrine can be identified. The only remaining question is whether or not we care to identify them and contend for the faith. It is easier to go along with the status quo than to challenge it. And standing up for truth requires that we ourselves know the truth. However, to fail to contend for the faith is to be derelict in our service to Christ.

The Hath and the Hath Nots

To those who sought God, He gave them understanding. And, as their faith grew, they had even more faith. As they understood Jesus’ Word, they could understand even more. As the served God, their service grew.

To those who had no faith in God, to those who were unwilling to serve Him, they lost everything, “their foolish hearts were darkened” and they lost their way.

Obedience Fashions the Foundation for Fortitude

The modern church does not suffer, primarily, from a lack of teaching: the modern church suffers from a lack of obedience. The failure of the church today is that Believers refuse to practice the teachings of Scripture: we make every excuse to do the opposite of what the Bible teaches. We will only be able to stand up to the fierce storms of life if we have a foundation built on OBEDIENCE to God’s Word.