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No Lust, No Sin, No Problem

As long as we try to tackle sinfulness by focusing solely on the sinful acts, rather than the lusts that produce them, we will live in frustration. The only way to stop a weed from sprouting is to kill it at the root. God provided us with the best (and only) sin killer available to man: His Word. God’s Word of truth will transform us inwardly so that our very desires will change. And when the root of a sin is gone, the sin goes with it: No root no sin, no problem.

Rest in Hope

God not only promises us a way out of every temptation, He also offers us rest. Not just for our souls, and not someday in the future – but right now and for our very flesh, even that part of us that constantly fights Him. “My flesh also shall rest in hope.”

Believing is Seeing

…in spite of our utter hopelessness to be as good as God intended us to be, His strength and grace and love overshadow every distraction and weakness with a light that will nourish and guide us all of our days if we dare to walk in it. Even when the Enemy has us so shortsighted that we stumble at every step, God’s arms are still there: still holding us up…