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The Wrong Approach to Sin

No matter how much we deny, distort or disguise the evidence of sin, we can never change the fact of sin… Only God can remove the stain and penalty of sin. The longer we hide from Him the longer we have to live with the cancer of sin eating away at our lives… Nobody forces us to sin and God does not put us in a situation where we must sin. We are NOT powerless. We CAN choose to resist the influence of others. We CAN rise above our circumstances.

Four Steps For Spiritual Restoration

The believer that humbles himself before The Almighty God will pray, because he recognizes that he must submit to the will of the Lord of Hosts. The believer that discerns the will of God through prayer must also ‘seek God’s face’, because to walk in the will of God is to walk in communion with God. And the believer that walks in communion with God cannot help but have his mind renewed.

Work-Wrought Worship

The focus of a Christian’s work, in the Kingdom of God, is to enable the Worship of God… everything a Christian does, each facet of our lives, every fiber of our being must be focused on delivering, to the people around us, the truth of salvation through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.