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Making God Disappear

…when deciding to sin we must take God out of the picture, we must assume even just for that moment that God is not “at hand”, that God is “afar off”. We make ourselves believe that somehow, while sinning we are hidden from Him, that He cannot see us.

Accept God’s Love = Expect God’s Correction

His children had behaved badly for many years, despite many warnings, and it was time for them to “experience” Fatherly correction. But the correction was not without purpose, it was not borne of anger. Rather, as a good father, the correction that God was about to inflict was meant to help them change from doing evil to doing good: God wanted them to become the best children they could be.

Look Up & Step Out!

Our weakness and fears will not stop God from calling us to serve Him. Our weaknesses don’t matter, because God is sending us out in His unfailing strength. And, our fears are of no concern, because He has given us all we need to triumph over the adversities we will face. The only thing that does matter is our OBEDIENCE! How will we respond to God’s call?


Nothing we do of our own strength can protect us from the evils of this world… But, while we are walking in God’s will, though the evil of the world may touch us, it can’t defeat us, because a believer’s victory is not in earthly security, it is in eternal security. Our victory isn’t in physical safety, it is in spiritual strength: we are victorious when God’s will is accomplished in us, not when we escape the travails/struggles of life.