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NO Middle-Ground: We LIVE in the LIGHT or DIE in the DARKNESS

Fellowship with God requires a total commitment to exclusivity in the Believer/Disciple/Worshipper. Fellowship with God requires, demands, absolute purity of heart and mind, absolute purity of one’s being. There is no possibility of fellowshipping with God if there is any trace of sin in my heart (my emotions), my mind (my thinking) or my attitude (my approach).

Making God Disappear

…when deciding to sin we must take God out of the picture, we must assume even just for that moment that God is not “at hand”, that God is “afar off”. We make ourselves believe that somehow, while sinning we are hidden from Him, that He cannot see us.

FEAR NOT: God is Working on Us

Fear of consequences does not produce love or even obedience. It is ONLY an enduring, reverential, and respectful love relationship with God that will keep us from sin. When we reverence God’s Holiness, when we respect His way, when we have a genuine relationship with Him we will find it increasingly uncomfortable to disobey Him, we will avoid sin.

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" ~Romans 3:23

Sin doesn’t Come in Sizes — Snippet

“It is the combination of God’s mercy (as He patiently works with us) and His Word (as it transforms our mindset) that ultimately breaks the power of sin over our lives… If God has started the transformation process in us, He won’t stop working (even if He has to use with trials to get it done). God won’t quit on you… so don’t quit on yourself!!!” ~ Sin doesn’t Come in Sizes

The Gift

…Out of His great love and mercy, God The Father sent Jesus The Son to this earth to shed His blood for our sins. So that by simply placing our faith in Christ and His blood for the forgiveness of our sins we are saved eternally!