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Clothe your Children in Scarlet.

We often miss our most important responsibility to our children: cultivating the soil of their heart… and planting the seed of God’s Word in it.
Wisdom for living is ONLY found in the WORD of God and only the Holy Spirit can guide us through life. So, let us “clothe” our children in the scarlet Blood of Jesus Christ so that they will be prepared for the harshest winters of life.

Comment: Fruit Finding vs. Branch Burning

We should judge (inspect fruit) to preserve and protect the church. This is of crucial importance today, because of the plethora of false teachers. We must equip ourselves through study of the Word of God to discern the truth so that we ourselves are not lead astray AND so that we can help others to stay in line with God. We judge (inspect fruit) therefore, not out of self-righteousness, but out of Humility (by using God’s scales not ours) and Love (we bear each other’s burdens).