love God + love neighbor


  1. Morgan says

    I randomly found this picture on the internet, and I fell in love with its simplicity and meaning. I am taking part in an exhibition through my Baptist Campus Ministries at my University, and I was wondering if you would mind allowing me to use this image in a collage I am putting together. We are doing an exhibit called “Windows.” and it is my job to convey the meaning of God’s love through images. I would love to paint this image on one of the panes of my window. Would you mind?

    • Hi Morgan;

      That picture was taken from the website, which is a free stock photo database. So, by all means use it and I pray it will Honor God, convey His message and bless those who see it. if you want to download the original (larger) file from, you will have to sign up for (FREE) membership.

      God Bless!!!

  2. karen says

    Hi we are conducting a youth camp here in Singapore and would like to request permission to use this

    image to depict God’s everlasting love for man.

    Thank you.

    • Please feel free to use it. It was obtained from for free. May God bless your youth camp, hope many will commit themselves fully to Him.

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