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Faith Takes us where our Minds cannot Go

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“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” ~ Isaiah 55:8-9

This verse explains for us why we are so often confused and/or surprised by how God resolves situations. Indeed, a reasonable conclusion is that we should not even bother to try to “understand” how God operates: As we call on God to resolve the various issues that confront us, our challenge is never to understand the things He does, our challenge is to have faith in Him.

Similarly, we aren’t called to explain God to anyone: we can’t: God cannot be explained: God cannot be contained in any humanly sourced rational framework: God cannot be formulated.

As the Bible tells us, we are called to share our FAITH, not our LOGIC. All through the book of Acts, whenever Paul shared his testimony, he never sought to explain the “why”, he only recounted the “what”.

We will never (fully) understand why God operates in the way that He does. And, if we try to, we will be left frustrated. But, we can trust in Him. We can accept His way to be perfect and trust that He will do what is best.

“Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.” ~ Psalm 139:6

In closing, consider this (somewhat silly) example:doggie cool

You can’t explain to your dog (if you have one) that s/he shouldn’t have chocolate because it will make him sick. Isn’t it great that your dog doesn’t get mad with you and go off to someone who will give her/him chocolate? Isn’t it wonderful that your dog is “dumb” enough to trust your decisions?

Likewise, let us commit to being “dumb” enough to trust God’s way, because we certainly won’t ever (fully) understand it.

Faith takes us where our minds cannot go
Faith shows us what our minds cannot know
Reason asks for an explanation
God’s ways are beyond contemplation
Faith accepts that God knows what is best
In God’s loving hands we can find rest

(For the philosophers: If we were ever to understand God (completely), we would become His equal: we would be God! When a doctoral student understands the research topic equally as well as his/her professor does, the student and the professor become academic equals. We will never understand God, because we will never be His equal. Therefore, faith is the only way we can respond to Him.)


  1. This verse has been one of my favorites since I read it in a Joel Osteen book. The poem you present with it is priceless. Thanks for sharing this inspiration with us : )

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and especially for your encouragement. May God bless the ministry He has given you.

      By the way, except for all the snow, you have a really nice city. 🙂

      Take care, my Brother.

    • You’re very welcome! I completely agree with your Buffalo comment. There is too much snow, but when you look at the positive side, we have 6 months of beautiful weather, and it’s a great city as well. God bless : )

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