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The Wrong Approach to Sin

No matter how much we deny, distort or disguise the evidence of sin, we can never change the fact of sin… Only God can remove the stain and penalty of sin. The longer we hide from Him the longer we have to live with the cancer of sin eating away at our lives… Nobody forces us to sin and God does not put us in a situation where we must sin. We are NOT powerless. We CAN choose to resist the influence of others. We CAN rise above our circumstances.

Redemption (Part 3): Disobedience Disables

If we are ever to live victorious Christian lives, we must first seriously seek to live obedient sacrificial lives. It’s not more ‘churching’, it’s not louder singing, it’s not even better preaching that’s going to transform us. We will be transformed when we “offer ourselves as living sacrifices” to God (Romans 12:1-2). When we sacrifice our will to live in obedience to His will.