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Nothing we do of our own strength can protect us from the evils of this world… But, while we are walking in God’s will, though the evil of the world may touch us, it can’t defeat us, because a believer’s victory is not in earthly security, it is in eternal security. Our victory isn’t in physical safety, it is in spiritual strength: we are victorious when God’s will is accomplished in us, not when we escape the travails/struggles of life.

In Danger? Don Deer Feet!

As we go about our lives, making decisions about finances, health, relationships, employment, education and family (to name a few) let us call on our God, let us seek His face, let us search out His will. Life is a struggle and we can’t see all the dangers ahead; it is difficult to know what choices to make. Truly, we have no hope of surviving on our own. But God is faithful: if we live by faith He will make our feet like hinds’ feet so that our steps are assured and we can escape to safety. If we trust in God, He will make our feet surefooted so that we can escape the wiles of the devil.