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Always Thankful

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“I thank my God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ; That in every thing ye are enriched by him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge;” ~ 1 Corinthians 1:4-5

One of the apostle Paul’s finest traits, in my opinion, was that he always found something to be thankful for in the people he interacted with. The church at Corinth had major problems, and as you go on and read the entire book, he addresses those problems head on. But first he starts out by being thankful for the little he can be thankful for in them, which has nothing to do with them really, but with God who has given them grace.


God had bestowed many gifts of the Holy Spirit on the believers in Corinth, such as speaking in tongues, and interpretation of said tongues, and knowledge to an extraordinary degree. They had outward expression through their speech, and inward comprehension in their knowledge.  However, the Christians in Corinth were not what we would call “godly” Christians.  Nevertheless, Paul still had a great love for them and desired for them to return to the truth and use the gifts God had given them for His glory.

There is a great lesson for us in this. Lots of families and friends will be getting together for the holidays which are fast approaching. Even though there may be problems in the lives of some of our close relationships, look for something in them to be thankful for and focus on that for the time that you are together with them. It does not mean that you condone all of their behavior, but that you love them with the love of Christ!

You may say, “Well you don’t know my family!” No, I may not, but God does! And He gave you the family you have on purpose, so be a light of Christ to them by being kind towards them and if they treat you poorly do as Romans 12:21 states and overcome evil with good. God will bless you for obeying Him!

Thank You Father God for all of Your care and keeping on me. Thank You for sending Jesus to shed His blood for my sins, and for never leaving me or forsaking me. I love You so and give You thanks this day, Amen!

by Mary Heuss-Nelson


  1. Mary Heuss Nelson says

    One of the main reasons I wrote this article is that it seems when families gather, for whatever reason, conflicts rise up. Our families know us better than most and know how to “push our buttons” sometimes! But when we know Christ as Lord and Savior we can learn to show love even in the face of conflicts. I have experienced this many times and know that God gives the strength to shine for Him to those who would cause us unrest. So I just want to encourage anyone who may be anxious about the upcoming holiday season for this reason to be prayerful before family gatherings and then let the Holy Spirit give you His peace to enjoy the family that He has given you! God bless

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  3. Susan. A Brusco says

    Thank you. Mary, You have been a blessing to my life. I am forever grateful.

  4. Susan. A Brusco says

    Thank you. Mary, You have been a blessing to my life. I am forever grateful.

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