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Running on Empty

It’s been a long time, a long hard slog, and we feel discouraged. We know God has helped us. We know He has seen us through so far… but will it ever end? Will we be hiding in the wilderness forever?? Will our finances ever get straightened out? Will our health, or the health of a loved one, ever get better??

Storms “Behind the Scenes”

Recently, I have been going through a very difficult period of my life: things were on the verge of falling apart for my family and me. It seemed we had gone through storm after storm (financially)… and then came the whopper. We were taking on water and sinking fast. And just like the disciples, I wondered whether Jesus even cared…

Rest in Hope

God not only promises us a way out of every temptation, He also offers us rest. Not just for our souls, and not someday in the future – but right now and for our very flesh, even that part of us that constantly fights Him. “My flesh also shall rest in hope.”